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my new ones and they will be in folders so if you wish to look at them you will need to go to the folders

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animal OC's
green tea and blood drop by theliondemon-kaimra
Gerda by theliondemon-kaimra
ID: 19 sutaraka by theliondemon-kaimra
mystery  egg 6 for CedarValleyStables by theliondemon-kaimra
mystery egg 7 by theliondemon-kaimra
for KyokiTheDamned by theliondemon-kaimra
just let me know what you would like ok.
and it can be any animal and even a mlp 
head shot
Gmms Radium and i want candy by theliondemon-kaimra
the gem chapter 1 cover by theliondemon-kaimra
scar fay and jace by theliondemon-kaimra
Dagna- viking by theliondemon-kaimra
Heather- aurora- Pumpkin and sayuri by theliondemon-kaimra
Ember and evil jackal by theliondemon-kaimra
head shots colored people and animals
horse lineart by theliondemon-kaimra
mlp outlines females by theliondemon-kaimra
Wingling Lineart by theliondemon-kaimra
misfit foal lines by theliondemon-kaimra
a outline of an animal
half bidy
Ragnar by theliondemon-kaimra
Cali for theZombieTrial by theliondemon-kaimra
627 NGS Zuko for ArtOfFreedom by theliondemon-kaimra
Naiad for Goddess-of-BUTTSECKS by theliondemon-kaimra
SS Dorinte nu Moartea for amour-interdit by theliondemon-kaimra
jumping training by theliondemon-kaimra
half body's i dont draw many people but i can try
OC's full body
GMMS Radium and Strawberry's and cream by theliondemon-kaimra
Lesta and Aleesa by theliondemon-kaimra
rean and Iona by theliondemon-kaimra
red tree and friend by theliondemon-kaimra
jumping training by theliondemon-kaimra
Tripp by theliondemon-kaimra
i will do full body OC's coloed and lined and with back grounds 
people and animals
realistic horse by theliondemon-kaimra
its 300 points for a realistic drawing like this one i have the other stuff like this posted here :iconinuyasha666hiei:
its high as they take a good amount of time to do and this gos for all of them.
but if you want a small easy one note me and let me see and i will let you know how much it would be


i am going to update some mlp refs between art i owe people XD

listing mlps i am redoing sense i made my own lines to use XD

elsa by theliondemon-kaimraBlooming Rarity by theliondemon-kaimralemon drop by theliondemon-kaimraFlawless Candy by theliondemon-kaimraBright Concert by theliondemon-kaimraSunny Chrome by theliondemon-kaimraEpic Brook by theliondemon-kaimraStar Key by theliondemon-kaimraDawning Justice by theliondemon-kaimraAstral Romance by theliondemon-kaimraAirini by theliondemon-kaimraAirini by theliondemon-kaimraJeweled Prophecy by theliondemon-kaimraclover Bouquet by theliondemon-kaimraEarthen Lily by theliondemon-kaimraCherry Watermelon by theliondemon-kaimraLemon Sweets by theliondemon-kaimraSoulful Wish by theliondemon-kaimraSweet Spin by theliondemon-kaimraLucky Sun by theliondemon-kaimraRainy River by theliondemon-kaimraDivine Bow by theliondemon-kaimraMLP OC by theliondemon-kaimraFrosted Dash by theliondemon-kaimraJamila by theliondemon-kaimraWWS Blue Mint by theliondemon-kaimraLullaby by theliondemon-kaimralulaby by theliondemon-kaimraHela Halloween by theliondemon-kaimrastriking rose by theliondemon-kaimraCarme by theliondemon-kaimraCarme by theliondemon-kaimraNuria by theliondemon-kaimraraindrop by theliondemon-kaimraraindrop by theliondemon-kaimraBluebarry by theliondemon-kaimrablueberry by theliondemon-kaimraBrushed Frosting by theliondemon-kaimraLittle Moonlight by theliondemon-kaimraTinkerbell by theliondemon-kaimraviolet by theliondemon-kaimrazap apple by theliondemon-kaimraScarred Harmony by theliondemon-kaimraOrchid Blossom by theliondemon-kaimraAutumn Stream by theliondemon-kaimraLace Rose by theliondemon-kaimraLiv by theliondemon-kaimraCharming Aurora by theliondemon-kaimraishtar by theliondemon-kaimracoco mint by theliondemon-kaimraScarlet Dew by theliondemon-kaimraHarmonic Craft by theliondemon-kaimraGlacial Spark by theliondemon-kaimraWild Blaze by theliondemon-kaimraLunar Blaze by theliondemon-kaimraLake Lace by theliondemon-kaimraViolet Shine by theliondemon-kaimraMidnight Mural by theliondemon-kaimraNuria by theliondemon-kaimraFluffy Tumbleweed by theliondemon-kaimraWinter Jewel by theliondemon-kaimraNight Slate by theliondemon-kaimraApple Sculpture by theliondemon-kaimraAarya by theliondemon-kaimraCharming Grace by theliondemon-kaimraholly by theliondemon-kaimraCherry Solo by theliondemon-kaimraMetal Grape by theliondemon-kaimraWatermelon River by theliondemon-kaimraShielded Hex by theliondemon-kaimraBurning Violet by theliondemon-kaimraGlacial Novel by theliondemon-kaimraFlawless Glass by theliondemon-kaimraStarry Spring by theliondemon-kaimraArctic Wave by theliondemon-kaimraIcy Mind by theliondemon-kaimraSummer Garden by theliondemon-kaimraHarmonic Cocoa by theliondemon-kaimraTitanium Heart by theliondemon-kaimraLovely Prophecy by theliondemon-kaimraBright Wish by theliondemon-kaimraCloudy Sky by theliondemon-kaimraBubbly Romance by theliondemon-kaimraMagical Love by theliondemon-kaimraIvory Chance by theliondemon-kaimraSoulful Aurora by theliondemon-kaimraGlowing Rose by theliondemon-kaimraSparking Moonlight by theliondemon-kaimraSunset Star by theliondemon-kaimraSparkling Arc by theliondemon-kaimraRocking Justice by theliondemon-kaimraMorning Shift by theliondemon-kaimraSparking Mind by theliondemon-kaimraMarzipan by theliondemon-kaimraRose Sprout by theliondemon-kaimraSnowy song by theliondemon-kaimraArctic Silver by theliondemon-kaimraPenned Wind by theliondemon-kaimraPrized Sweets by theliondemon-kaimraLightning Morning by theliondemon-kaimraOpal Volcano by theliondemon-kaimraRightful Spell by theliondemon-kaimraLake Splash by theliondemon-kaimracold spring by theliondemon-kaimraLunar Sword by theliondemon-kaimra


Tangerine Cloud by theliondemon-kaimraMoonlit Gust by theliondemon-kaimraBreezy Order by theliondemon-kaimracandycane by theliondemon-kaimracandycane by theliondemon-kaimraFanged Leaf by theliondemon-kaimraStone Diamond by theliondemon-kaimraApple Story by theliondemon-kaimraCursed Ice by theliondemon-kaimraFashionable Myth by theliondemon-kaimraDark Night by theliondemon-kaimraWishful Dusk by theliondemon-kaimrapirate socks by theliondemon-kaimraGloomy Mage by theliondemon-kaimraMetal Star by theliondemon-kaimraDaytime Blood by theliondemon-kaimraarve by theliondemon-kaimrazombie mouth by theliondemon-kaimraHeroic Wish by theliondemon-kaimraCaramel Dusk by theliondemon-kaimraGlacial Soul by theliondemon-kaimraArctic Blizzard by theliondemon-kaimraGlowing Mage by theliondemon-kaimraArctic Justice by theliondemon-kaimraVengeful Pearl by theliondemon-kaimraKiwi Concert by theliondemon-kaimraMLP adopt by theliondemon-kaimraStorybook Bubble by theliondemon-kaimraApple Kiwi by theliondemon-kaimraBlood Moon by theliondemon-kaimrablood moon by theliondemon-kaimraTopaz Latte by theliondemon-kaimraraz by theliondemon-kaimraCobalt Shield by theliondemon-kaimraZealous Snow by theliondemon-kaimraPerfect Buttons by theliondemon-kaimraRisky Strawberry by theliondemon-kaimraCrimson Oasis by theliondemon-kaimraLunar Curse by theliondemon-kaimraScarred Berry by theliondemon-kaimraRocky Myth by theliondemon-kaimraHeroic Dash by theliondemon-kaimraBrushed Carnival by theliondemon-kaimraStream Pearl by theliondemon-kaimraCrystal Cider by theliondemon-kaimraCursed Fury by theliondemon-kaimraMidnight Key by theliondemon-kaimraBubbly Snow by theliondemon-kaimraRiver Magic by theliondemon-kaimraSnowy Night by theliondemon-kaimra
Glowing Scepter by theliondemon-kaimraLucky Dew by theliondemon-kaimraPainted Amulet by theliondemon-kaimraForest leaf by theliondemon-kaimraSpurred Risk and Virtuous Burst by theliondemon-kaimra


theliondemon-kaimra has started a donation pool!
615 / 2,400
i am going to save the points for a new sub. so thats .
and then i want t save some as well for like contests and that kind of thing ^_^ and please put points for adopts here as well

Adoptable Maker Stamp by Sky-YoshiAdoptables Design/Art Quality Stamp by Cupcake-Kitty-chanAdoptables Stamp by AlishaCraftsCutesiesAdoptables stamp by Rainbow-Fluffyadoption stamp by PekoponianAdopt Customs OPEN - Stamp by Drache-LehreAdopt Breedings OPEN - Stamp by Drache-LehreDigital Animal Breeder Stamp by Addictivemind

Stamp: Character Adoption by FlantsyFlan ( have had people ask for my OC's O.o)

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ooooo i am so entering if you have liked these guys and have not got one yet go take a look and give it a shot ^_^
theres also somthing for the pepole who got one already as well so you guys are not left out

Asotu Newbie Raffle! (Plus vet rare slot raffle)

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go check it out this is a cool horses breed and there now having a raffle

Every-entrant-wins geno raffle!by Armenian-Rrazmik


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